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Nauyaca Waterfall




Nauyaca Waterfalls is the perfect place for nature and adventure lovers, where tourists can walk, swim, climb, jump, take photographs and spend a marvelous day in the warm waters of Rio Barucito, enjoying one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica’s South Pacific, are located in a canyon approximately eight meters wide.

In the around one hour hike, you will find several magnificent waterfalls, one of the falls is forty-five meters high in free fall and the other, twenty meters high with a tiered fall, forming at the bottom a 1,000 square meter and six meter deep pool. There are also other smaller natural pools where visitors can seize the opportunity and enjoy the waters with their families or friends.

These waterfalls are a reference point for adventure ecotourism, as they are recognized worldwide for their beauty and the excellent services offered.

The whole hike is a complete attraction, not only because of the beautiful waterfalls, but also for the exuberant wild life you can find in the way.

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